Superb 1930s Gertrude Whelpton Country Interior

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This is a wonderfully evocative watercolour on paper by Gertrude Whelpton from the early 1900's. It is signed and dated, 1934, by the artist.

This exquisite watercolour celebrates the simplicity, warmth and strength of the English rural tradition in interiors and furnishings. There is a naturalness in the scene that rings true and provides a visual and emotional  relief from the sophisticated, ornate and hard-edged decor of the urban world. The attractive austere look of bare, rubbed wood and stone is counterpointed by a suggestion of warmth, conveyed by sunlight streaming in through an open  door, and the chunky, solid feel of a wooden chest  flanking it. Deeply recessed windows, in thick stone walls, a substantial iron door pull set upon a planked timber door, a heavily beamed ceiling and flag stone floor perfectly capture the English rural idyll. The spareness of the room is matched by the skilled spare execution of the painting.

Size & Condition:

Set in an oak frame with cream mat, the painting in its frame measures approximately 13” by 16”. It is in very good vintage condition for its age. The back bears the label of a well known gallery, which probably framed and originally sold it. There is a cord attached to the back, ready for hanging.

A lovely tranquil picture to create a serene spot for daydreaming, wherever you are.

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