A Rare Antique Embrodiery

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This unique and most enchanting antique embroidery dates to 1902. The work of a stitcher, the sweetheart of a soldier possibly, with the initials PA. The tapestry depicts one of Hans Christian Andersen's most romantic tales, The Staunch Tin Soldier. This tale tells the story of a one-legged tin soldier who suffers a terrible fate all for the love of a beautiful paper dancer. Cursed by a jealous goblin, the toy soldier is sent flying out the window to the street below, where a perilous adventure carries him ever further from his love. But throughout his ordeal, the soldier remains sturdy and staunch on his one leg, ever true to his beloved little dancer. The story's romance is perfectly captured in this tapestry's charming illustration of a soldier and his sweetheart, ribbons fluttering as she runs to him, being reunited. In the background flies a flag, above two small red hearts.

Size & Condition:

The tapestry measures approximately 5.5' by 6'. The piece is worked in counted stitch, on an off white linen ground, and is in excellent condition for its age.

The cross stitch is comprised of very small, fine stitches giving a detailed finish to the design. The scene has also been worked in tent stitch and is encompassed within a border of two shades of lovely autumnal browns.

Pieces like this, with a story, are highly collectable and much sought after.

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