Beautiful Hand Worked English Cottage Garden Embroidery

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This lovely hand embroidered picture eloquently captures an ever blooming English country garden scene.  A popular image, almost certainly dating to the 1920s, instructions for tableaus such as this were frequently to be found in annuals of the time, for young ladies. Intended as a source of worthwhile and improving recreational activity they were completed with skill, care and meticulous attention to detail. Depicting a plethora of abundant classic cottage garden flowers, including delphiniums, lupins, hollyhocks, daisies and calendula, the tiny blooms were meticulously embroidered in a wide spectrum of colours. In this enchanting picture, over a stone wall arch tumbles lilac wisteria, while in the foreground stands an arching laburnum tree, heavy with plumes of early spring blossom.

Size & Condition:

The embroidery is hand worked on a fine off white linen cloth and measures approximately 8" by 8.5" in its frame. Framed under glass the embroidery is in excellent vintage condition.

A little masterpiece from the twenties garden 'patch'.

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