Gorgeous Vintage1930s/40s Floral Lamp Base

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As with all vintage electrical items please check with a qualified electrician prior to use.

Some things just magically capture not just a time and place but a feeling. This Thirties/Forties lamp is one of those things. Strewn with dainty little flowers over a crackle glaze ground, this lovely little lamp is the very essence of vintage country style. Right off the windowsill of an English country cottage, where it cast pools of warm welcoming light for visitors and passers by alike; it is overlaid  with, what else but, tiny little sprays of cottage garden flowers; roses, primulas, tulips and violas. These are scattered with gay abandon across it's warm softly faded ground, while on one face a large posy of auriculas, daisies and... yet more roses proliferate! 

​Size & Condition:

Appropriately sized for a cottage this lovely lamp measures 7" in height to the tip of the bulb holder.  As for condition, it has the lovely patina and history that only true age and use can confer. There is wonderful evidence of this where a hand has switched the lamp on and off over many years, in the form of a lightly worn thin layer of surface finish (visible in the photos). Aside from this lovely 'imperfection', the lamp is in excellent condition for its age.

​The closest to a subtle blend of beauty, simplicity and utterly homely  English charm as it is possible to get. 

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