Glorious Gem of Jewel-like Primulas Oil

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A beautiful original gem of a painting, of a profusion of jewel coloured primulas in a lovely rustic pot. This lovely painting perfectly captures the vivid colours of these most unassuming yet welcoming of jewel-bright colour spring and winter flowers. The artist has brought a sense of drama to the study of the primulas in selecting a combination of tones that are rich, deep and intensely coloured and displaying them against a neutral toasty brown ground. The artists' thick application of colour using a  skilled mix of knife and brush to detail the petals has rendered them almost touchably realistic and three dimensional in appearance, thereby further adding to their appeal.

Painted in oils on canvas, this gem of a painting is believed to date to the late 1930s /early 1940s; the urn and manner of display of the flowers being typical of this period.  The painting is signed by the artist, T. Kay,  close to the rustic bowl in which the flowers are displayed.

Size & Condition:

This gorgeous painting measures 17.5" by 13.5" approximately in its later frame, which has some signs of wear where it has been knocked in a few places. The painting however appears to be in great condition behind its protective glass covering.

Add a dash of warm vivid vintage colour to your home with this delightfully heart warming gem of an original painting.   

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