A Beautiful Dated English Sampler

Product ID: T119

A truly beautiful English sampler, in an array of soft deep colours on a faded white linen ground, worked several decades ago in an older vein. The sampler depicts dogs, peacocks, flowers and stylised patterns, below alphabets and numbers. It features three sets of initials; W K either side of a flower arrangement and, GJ and BvT above the peacocks. The sampler is dated 1860 and 1977. It is worked in counted cross stitch and needlepoint , demonstrating the skill of the creator.

Size & Condition:

This lovely soft hued sampler seems to be in excellent condition behind the glass. The bottom lip of the frame however has suffered a slight visible knock (see photo). The frame is backed in a faded turquoise blue paper. A hook, rusted, is attached. The sampler measures 34cm by 37cm in its simple wood frame.

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