Original 1953 Vintage Marigolds Oil Still Life

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This lovely, very nearly 60 year old, original oil painting exudes vintage warmth and homeliness. In gorgeous tones of natural greens and rich ochre's it is fabulously evocative in both tone and feel; and magnificently captures the very essence of a wonderful summer's day harvest of marigolds, picked for indoors. A warm gentle breeze billows fine muslin curtains at an open window and carries the sweet heady scent of freshly picked marigolds on the air. The painting is inscribed and dated 1953 in the artists' hand on the back of the board, though the colour palette and style of the still life are suggestive of an earlier period, from around the 1930s/40s. This lovely still life depicts a glistening rich red-brown earthenware vase of golden orange marigolds casually set upon a book, on a table or window seat by an open window. Beyond one imagines is the garden.

Size & Condition: 

This unframed still life is an original oil on board. Looking at the edges and corners it is clear from the chips to the paint  and the odd tiny bits of missing board (see photos) that it was once framed, which I think adds to the history of it. You could of course re-frame it if you wanted to hide these signs of age and wear, but for many vintage lovers these lovely signs represent the age and history of the picture and add to its appeal.The painting measures approximately 11.5" by 10".

A lovely gentle picture for a quiet, contemplative corner. Bring a little touch of an English country garden indoors with this lovely painting.

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