Exquisite 'Antique Casket' Vintage Biscuit Tin

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This is a splendid hinged vintage tin styled as an antique casket, by the famous Scribbans-Kemp company (bakers of chocolate biscuits) and Barker & Dobson (chocolate makers), dating to circa 1950/60. This pictorial tin is a reproduction of a beautiful French gold enamel snuff box, made in Paris, from around 1760-61 during the reign of King Louis XV. The original snuff box is part of the collection of The Victoria and Albert Museum. 

Each of the casket's 6 faces are decorated with different elaborate bucolic scenes. This exquisite design piece would be ideal for storing matches or precious keepsakes.

Size & Condition:

This beautifully formed and decorated bijoux casket measures a perfectly proportioned 12.5cm in length,9cm wide and 6cm high. It is in very good condition for its age, with age appropriate tarnishing and slight dulling of the top face.

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