Vintage Daisies& Marigolds Biscuit Tin

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A  really wonderful vintage tin for the garden or home! This pretty hinged biscuit tin by Carr's of Carlisle, is believed to date from the 1930s. This lovely rare tin depicts an earthenware jug casually filled with marigolds and daisies from the garden and is in the gorgeously soft, faded colours, of clotted cream, duck egg blue, egg yolk yellow and deep orange of the period.

Size & Condition:

It is decorated on all faces and is in good used vintage condition, with the age and use related wear that entails, for a tin thought to be nearly 80 years old. It measures 17.5cm long, 14.5cm wide and 7cm high. Ideal for storing treats, special letters & keepsakes or garden seeds.

During the 1830s, Carlisle baker Jonathan Dodgson Carr devised a method of producing fancy biscuits on a huge scale, making them a popular and affordable luxury.Crucial to Carr’s success was his close working relationship with fellow Carlisle company Hudson Scott, who manufactured decorated metal tins. Not only did these airtight containers enable Carr’s to export their products around the world without spoiling, but the decorated tin designs made the products even more desirable. Carr's was appointed 'by Royal Appointment to Queen Victoria' in 1842.

This lovely tin is part of the social history of the great British tradition of afternoon tea. Which is, of course, incomplete without biscuits! Or an English country garden in which to take it! 



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