Exquisite 1920s Filigree Kent Jug

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Lovers of blue & white china will adore this exquisite little, almost antique, jug! It's an exceptional find, with few like it having survived.

This lovely small jug is an exceptionally fine, old 1920s gem. The blue body is smothered in a gilt filigree decoration depicting floribunda in a gorgegous chintz-like pattern. Upon this background, beautifully detailed and intricate black & white patterns are scattered to create a truly original and distinctive design that is immensely attractive. Each of the 8 black & white roundels are unique in design and represent the immense care and skill involved in the creation of this lovely piece. 

Size & Condition: 

This lovely small jug dating from the 1920s is approximately 11cm high and in remarkably good condition (shave chip to spout) given its c.90 year old age. There is little discernible wear to the decoration. It is backstamped Osaka JKL Fenton England. 

What a super decorative piece that would double as a beautiful milk/cream jug at tea and display pretty little spring flowers to perfection the rest of the time! 

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