Shell Sailors Valentine Boxes

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These French shell boxes are beautiful works of art from the past.

These gorgeous pieces of French shell art are from a collection amassed over many years of rummaging through Parisian flea markets. Often known as sailors valentines, so called because they were handmade by sailors for their sweethearts and loved ones back home and later as holiday souvenirs, they are sadly increasingly difficult to come by these days, especially fabulous older examples like these. 

Lovely small boxes of shell art like these make a beautiful and practical addition to any space. Useful and beautiful, they are endlessly handy for storing trinkets, keepsakes or matches for lighting a warming open fire, or simply displaying as a vignette.

They are available as a complete set or individually, though it seems a shame to split up the collection. Please note the price quoted is per box.Email to specify which pieces are required please.

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