Magnificent 1940s Barbara Shaw Roses & Garden Flowers Print

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A gorgeously appealing large-scale still life of blowsy roses and an array of garden blooms, including african marigolds, sweet williams, nigella, bearded iris, camellias and honeysuckle, casually displayed in a glass container. The picture, by accomplished artist Barbara Shaw, is redolent of freshly picked garden flowers having been loosely arranged. However the simplicity of the arrangement belies the skilled observation and execution of the flowers and the exquisitely observed marble surface upon which they are set.

The picture is beautifully observed, to carefully and evocatively capture the nature of the blooms and foliage, which are set against a subdued natural green toned ground. The execution of the glossy camellia and rose leaves are of particular note. This attention to detail was typical of Shaw, who worked very slowly, and directly from garden flowers.

She started painting flowers under the tuition of Lionel Ellis in 1947, and first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1949; the time to which this work dates. 

Size & Condition:

This lovely large vintage print is signed and dated, Barbara Shaw 1949. It measures approximately 44cm by 54cm in its original frame; which is back stamped with the name of fine art dealers Leveton & Sons.The frame and print, which is set behind glass, are in excellent vintage condition (odd chip/wear as to be expected) for their half century plus age of sixty-three!

An extremely lovely and timelessly beautiful picture, for the sitting room or bedroom, certain to be adored by flower lovers.  

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