Exquisitely Elegant Regency Dandy Silhouette Tapestry

Product ID: T129

A wonderfully elegant yet striking wool needlepoint silhouette cameo, of a Regency gentleman in period costume and setting.

This is a really lovely and unusually beautiful piece of wool needlepoint.

Graceful, elegant, refined, intricate...the superlatives just keep on flowing with this most beautiful of pieces.

Every detail is exquisitely captured, from the slender legs of the writing desk, the quiver of the quill, the ruffle of the blouson, the swag of the curtains, the heart back chair, the elegance of the finely shaped calves and the turn of the ankle to the triumph of the candle flame!

The monotone soot black and aged white colouring is astonishingly good at not only conveying detail and intricacy but is also very evocative.

Set into a black oval, non wood, frame; this charming cameo silhouette measures approximately 8" by 7", 20.5cm by 18cm. As is so often the case the back of the canvas-discoloured with age- tells us a lot about this vintage needlepoint..

This really is a great  find!

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