Bambi-The Children's Classic by Felix Salten; 0ver 30 years old

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Lovely paperback copy, in good used condition, of Felix Salten's story of Bambi; first published in Great Britain in 1928. 

Bambi is well known to millions of people through Walt Disney's famous film, and from countless other forms in which this story of the forest deer has been presented.

This is the first paperback edition of the original story by Felix Salten, of Bambi's life-from his first unsteady steps as a fawn to the time when he becomes a proud and majestic stag, a creature of infinite grace and beauty, all powerful, and wise in forest lore.

This edition of this outstanding animal story is made especially memorable by the inclusion of illustrations by Maurice Wilson, the famous artist whose drawings and paintings of nature are widely known.

This edition first published 1967, this impression 1981.

A perfect and lasting gift for a young child to treasure, whether for a  christening, birthday or Christmas.






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