Early Flying Duck Set

Product ID: H122

This is a delightful set of collectable Flying Ducks. China flying ducks originally became popular in the thirties, and were later re-appropriated as kitsch in the early fifties through seventies, when they were more brightly and glossily finished. This subtler coloured trio in matt shades of British racing green and yolky yellows are believed to have made their flight across the flock wallpaper of the Second World War generation in the 1940s. The largest has sustained some evident 'battle' scars over the intervening years, including a missing foot and glued neck, together with some general wear and tear. Nevertheless these iconic birds still retain an enduring and potent appeal. If like me you prefer old pieces because you like to feel their history, (and that lies in the breakages, imperfections and marks of wear) you'll love this trio just as they are. Enjoy the beauty of these once again sought after accessories, and launch them into flight across your walls!

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