Exquisite Vintage Art Nouveau Inspired Letter Rack

Product ID: H151

Delightful vintage correspondence rack in a lovely swirling art nouveau inspired design. This very attractive rack would make the perfect place to keep writing paper and correspondence cards for the most special of messages and greetings. Stand it upon your desk, or by the bedside (for recording pre-slumber thoughts and dreams). Graceful and elegant, this daintiest of letter racks, is also immensely useful as well as decorative. Its considered practical design, a satisfyingly heavy weight and useful integrated handle for moving or carrying it from place to place together with two generous compartments, is belied by its fine, delicate appearance.

With two useful compartments, the rack is quite ample for holding a quantity of paper and cards and/or a pretty notebook or journal/diary. It measures approximately 6.25"  (16cm) tall and 6.52 (16.5cm) across at its widest point and is of a substantial bronzed metal construction.

Tidy storage doesn't get much prettier than this!

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