Delightfully Charming Collectable Cow Creamer

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A prime example of The Stock Market!

In an endearingly naturalistic style, with realistically painted body, this ceramic creamer has a wonderful expression and boasts a cowbell around its neck. You don't have to like cream, or even cows to enjoy a cow creamer! Who can resist the undeniable character and charm  of this lovely creamer.

Whether you put  her to practical use on the table as a milk or cream vessel (as originally intended) or retire her to the quieter pastures of the mantle shelf or kitchen dresser (for her ornamental/decorative appeal), this charming creamer will be sure to delight, with her cheery expression, sweet horns and bell around her neck. Shaped like a dairy cow, the looped over tail provides a handle and the open lowing mouth serves as a spout. The hollow belly holds the milk or cream.

Unattributed (cow creamers are hardly ever marked) it is in excellent condition and measures approximately 7.25" (18.5cm) from the tip of its nose to the curl of its tail and 4.75"(12cm) tall to the tips of the horns.

A breed apart, this fetching creamer will add a touch of gaiety to your table or dresser/mantelshelf!

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