Divine Pair English Kernewek Rose Tumblers

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To find one of these divine ceramic rose tumblers would be a delight, but a pair is just heavenly!

Originating  from Goonerhaven, near Perranporth, in Cornwall, England, the Kernewek Pottery has long ceased production, so to discover a pair of these utterly beautiful, moulded, rose decorated Cornish tumblers is heartstoppingly thrilling. Apparently Kernewek means 'Cornish' in the Cornish language. Both tumblers are in excellent condition, and stand approximately 4ins. tall and 3ins. across at their widest point. An exqusite find for the bedroom/bathroom/cloakroom or as small vessels for posies of flowers. Pretty, useful and decorative!

Each china tumbler bears the Kernewek stamp and legend 'One and All' to the base.

The front face of each tumbler is decorated with a vignette of pink and burgundy English roses and foliage, while to the inner rim is a single pink rose bloom. The decorative moulded and tapered form lends the pots a wonderfully tactile feel. Perfect for running one's fingers over, while caressing them in the hand. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Heavenliness personified! 

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