St. Ives, Harbour Bar Coastal Print, Herbert Truman (1883-1957)

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A wonderfully tranquil vintage print of Harbour Bar, St. Ives, after the original oil painting by H. Truman (1883-1957).

Executed in the most appealing palette of blues and greens, this lovely picture has a serene and restful quality. The gentle motion of the water with the boats peacefully bobbing on it, is subtly conveyed, as is the play of light upon its surface. There is a suggestion of  some industriousness, in the figures upon the two fishing boats in the foreground, while in the background a small sailing vessel heads out into open water. Elsewhere in the picture figures meander along a jetty by a lighthouse, beyond which is an undulating landscape again rendered in shades of soft greens.

The picture measures approximately 20ins. by 16ins. (50.5cm x 40.5cm). It is in very good vintage condition having been under glass, with just a little feint age related mottling here and there in keeping with its age. To the back an original label is attached bearing the title and artist's name together with the printers.

A lovely calm, coastal picture in an evocatively placid style and appealingly restrained palette of gentle greens and blues. The perfect picture for anyone whose heart is at sea, wherever they may be! 


Truman trained at South London School of Art, then St Martin's School of Art. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1912. He settled to live at St Ives and worked chiefly in the1920s and 30s, his art first mentioned in St Ives press in 1925. A versatile painter working in a number of styles, he was highly praised.

His favourite subjects were the harbour and old houses in St Ives and the China Clay Pits. He is believed to havemoved away from St Ives to Plymouth after 1939, and then on to Bristol 1946, remaining active in art circles there.



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