Original Signed Simon Coombes Elephant 'Confrontation'

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Rare Simon Coombes 'Confrontation' Signed, framed Limited Edition Print, which is sold out at the publisher.

Professionally Framed (double mounted, wood frame), Fine Art Limited Edition Print on Paper, by renowned, deceased wildlife artist Simon Combes, ready to hang.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire this fabulous picture. Combes died in  December 2004 atop a beautiful ancient volcano near his home in Africa’s Great Rift Valley, Simon’s life was tragically taken by one of the wild animals he so lovingly portrayed in his paintings. 

Number 504 of a limited edition of 850, published from the artists original work. Signed by the artist. Sold out at the publishers.

Image Size W 29inches x H 14.25inches 

Framed Size Width 37inches x Height 17.25  inches 

Excellent condition.

"The location is the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya, a few miles north of the Tanzania border and the Serengeti. I suspect that this small herd of elephants had recently crossed into the game reserve from an area where poaching was prevalent. They were very nervous and when we approached immediately bunched together with the mature cows facing outwards, ears outspread to catch every sound, trunks questing the air for danger and the youngsters hidden and protected behind their elders.


"Under stressed conditions, bulls will group together with the females and young for mutual protection. Such is the case with this herd and I have portrayed a fine tusker moving out threateningly from the herd to confront us. He will charge forward several yards screaming and trumpeting, ears spread wide, but will stop when we call his bluff. Then he will shake his head in disgust, dislodging a cloud of dust and stalk away with as much dignity as possible."

Simon Combes was born in Shaftesbury, England, in 1940 and, at the age of six, moved with his family to an 800-acre farm in Kenya's Great Rift Valley. At the age of 18, he took a job in western Kenya, managing a 2,000-acre farm with about 150 employees. The following year he was drafted, serving in the Kenya regiment. He then applied for and received a commission in the King's African Rifles.
Combes' subsequent adventures included fighting in a guerrilla war with Somalia, leading Kenya's new airborne unit (requiring a visit to Parachute School in England) and promotion to major at the tender age of 24. Of greater significance, perhaps, was the start of a new hobby. During moments of inactivity in the northern desert, Simon began to draw, and eventually paint, the local nomadic people and the landscape in which they lived.

In 1969, he was persuaded to stage an exhibition of his work in Nairobi's New Stanley Art Gallery. The show was a near sell-out and an idea about an alternate career began to form in Combes' mind. Someone made the suggestion that he paint wildlife and the creative seed was sown. In 1974, Combes said farewell to the army, bought a small house on the outskirts of Nairobi and set up shop as a freelance artist.

In the three decades since, he achieved worldwide success, countless commissions and many prestigious awards—including the Society of Animal Artists' Award of Excellence. He was chosen "Artist of the Year" for the 1994 Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show. The success of his work has aided Combes as he seeks to raise awareness of wildlife conservation; he has made contributions and served on the councils of several conservation organizations. In June 2003 Combes was appointed Project Director Kenya for the UK based Conservation organization The Rhino Rescue Trust.

Combes was the author and artist of two critically-acclaimed books Great Cats and An African Experience.
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