Ketton Railway Art; Vic Millington

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Ketton Railway Poster, from original watercolour by artist Vic Millington.

90cm x 61cm.

Posted rolled in a tube.

Vic Millington has painted prolifically ever since he first went on the railways, though his love affair with art started back in childhood, which he spent happily drawing trains and playing with Hornby models (which he now restores). An idyllic, contented life, one might say. A man of modest means and happily for him modest needs, Millington was, he says, “born in the days when life was still all in black and white”. He took up painting, encouraged by an artistic mother.

"Throughout my younger life my artistic mum encouraged me to draw," said Vic. "So in 1967 I enrolled for evening classes at Mundella School (Leicester) and was introduced to acrylic watercolours. But after two lessons I decided to teach myself." In the years to follow he developed his own individual, atmospheric style. His evocative railway posters hark back to the era of grand railway travel.

However, despite painting for decades, he has only recently been persuaded to make his work available to the public, though he receives many offers to buy. A chance encounter with a biscuit tin, adorned with his work in an international airport, finally made him re-evaluate his own talent. To the best known of his artwork on the side of Harrods’ biscuit tins Vic can also proudly add  international acclaim and recognition in Japan, where his art has gained awards at important competitions. 

He works in the kitchen of his diminutive Medieval home, overlooking a courtyard lovingly cluttered with railway memorabilia, with his drawing board ingeniously squeezed across the deep stone sink. Each painting, reminiscent of railway posters from the heyday of rail travel, takes him at least two weeks or more to complete, and is painstakingly worked to a high standard. Vic travels to the places he paints, all of which are on his beloved railway. Each painting is completely original, and often features figures from the fifties, “a simpler more innocent time” he says.


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