Mid Century1950s/60s Set Nautical Shot Glasses

Product ID: C165

A delightful complete set of six 'shot' glasses in excellent order.

This is a fantastic complete set of six, decorated with a fabulous sailing motif, on two faces of each little glass. A wonderful soft coloured glass in salmon pink tones depicts a graphic rendition of sail boats/yachts in crisp blue & white colour. The design is as appealing today as it would have been it was first executed in the mid twentieth century. Clean and graphic lines combine with crisp colour to produce an enduring classic look.

Whether put to their original use for dispensing small doses of potent liquor, such as whiskey (or perhaps vodka for more contemporary palates), or simply displayed to catch the light these diminutive glasses are sure to attract favourable attention.

Measuring a small but perfectly formed inch and a quarter approximately, whether yours is a shot, jigger, nip or peg, these little glasses are just the perfect receptacle.


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