Delectable Period 1930s Crinoline Lady Tablecloth

Product ID: T176

A terrific embroidered Crinoline Lady linen tablecloth.

This lovely cloth is fetchingly decorated with an array of flowers and Crinoline ladies in the prettiest of  soft pastel colours, in shades of pinks and blues intermingled with yellows and  natural greens.

A perfect tea/lunch or breakfast cloth for  the appreciator of period linens, or for draping over a pretty side table. Layer it over a larger cloth for a sumptous luxurious touch.

The original laundry stitch marks to the corners (please see pictures) identify this a piece from a well-to-do home, where linens were sent away to be professionally laundered. The stitch marks identified the owner, to ensure the correct piece was returned to it's owner.

As would be expected for a really old piece such as this, there are a few small 'rust'/storage marks and a tiny wear hole noted on close inspection (see pictures please), but otherwise the cloth is in very good vintage condition. Discovered starched and laundered in the linen closet of a prominent country house, where it had been put away for best.

A wonderfully evocative cloth redolent of the 1930s.

110cm x 103cm approximately.

An irresistibly delectable cloth!

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