Huge Framed1930s E. Byatt Delphiniums Floral Still Life

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A truly delightful still life by E. Byatt of delphiniums, dating to circa 1930.

Delphiniums are justly popular English Country garden flowers, with their spires of soft blue blooms. Byatt captures their beauty and fragility to perfection in this study.  A gorgeously appealing large-scale still life of lilac blue delphiniums with foliage, casually displayed in a rustic brown earthenware container. This still life, by E. Byatt, is redolent of blooms picked in the early morning with the dew or rain still damp upon them, having been submerged in a pot to hand in the boot room, before being set amongst an arrangement of typically Byatt-esque pieces displayed upon a table. The picture is exquisitely observed. In the foreground right stands a pretty small figurine (typical of Byatt), which echoes the soft lilac blue colour of the blooms and is seemingly admiring the flowers. The colour of thedelphiniums is made more intense by the subdued deep tones of the background. 

Size & Condition:

This lovely large vintage print dating from around the1930s measures approximately 27" by 23" in its original frame. The back has the partial remant of the original framers label.The frame is in good condition for its  very considerable age, with minimal loss of paint.

An extremely lovely and timelessly beautiful picture, for the sitting room or bedroom (apparently the Queen Mother had a Byatt in her bedroom), which hung for well over half a century in the home of a sprightly nonagenarian flower lover.  

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