1930s/40s Patchwork Throw

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This gem of a jewel coloured patchwork cover is an iconic vintage piece that is not only beautiful but also useful! Meeting not one but both of William Morris' criteria for what you should have in your home! No wonder patchworks like this one are so highly sought after! And as if that were not enough, they are the ultimate pieces for creating a warm, cosy, homeliness, that is vintage living!

This beautiful throw is a wonderful testimony to the magical ability of human energy and patience to transform spare materials into things of new use, value and beauty. It is a must for the autobiographical story embedded in it, as much as its beauty. Consisting of over a 1000 patchwork pieces, this striking patchwork throw is an outstanding example of the waste not want not ethic of the war years elevated to art. Although some of the fabrics used in this particular example, such as the pastel green textured cotton backing, seem to be earlier. Made using both clothing and household linens, this lovely example consists of tartans, checks, ginghams, florals and pictorial pieces, in an array of fabrics. Plush velvets are used alongside cotton and damask patches, interspersed with silky tartans. Primarily in hues of soft pastel greens, warm reds, fresh lemon yellows and the palest of blues and lilac pinks this gorgeous throw has an authentically vintage colour palette.

Size & Condition:

Measuring approximately 78" by 67" this generous sized throw is a wonderful piece. Given its age it has surprisingly minor wear-a few patches, around 10 or so, have small, varying areas of unstitching. These could quite easily be mended in the spirit in which the patchwork was made! You could also very easily insert a soft filling or lightweight duvet to transform it into even more of a cosy and luxurious vintage piece, and in so doing add your own mark in its long history.

Drape it over an armchair or at the foot of a bed, dressed in crisp white linens for a beautifully cosy vintage feel.

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