Fabulous Large Hand Crocheted Wool Throw

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A supremely beautiful, useful and versatile vintage crochet throw, handmade in England with genuine passion. Almost nothing establishes cosy vintage charm as quickly as a handmade vintage crochet throw! This gorgeous colourful gem of a period wool yarn throw is a lovely example of handicraft. Crocheted in a multitude of rich, warm and colourful hues in shades of red, green, blue, yellow, pink, lilac and grey; it is a testament to the power of human energy and patience to transform raw materials and remnants into a thing of beauty and desirability. Evoking  the 'Make do and Mend' ethos and warm cosy homeliness of the 1940s, this beautiful crochet throw is as desirable for its beauty as it is for the autobiographical story woven into it. Lay it across your bed, drape it over a sofa or wrap up warm next to an open fire and imagine its story and history. Consisting of 340 crocheted squares, each composed of several colours, the design has been thoughtfully conceived and meticulously made in a real labour of love. The design  is finished with a border of single colour squares inset with an occasional patterned one and edged with a speckled red border. 

Size & Condition:

This fabulous crochet blanket throw measures a generous 68" by 84" and is easily big and versatile enough to use as a bedcover or to drape over a sofa or armchair or perhaps a little more creatively as a valance-see photo. In excellent vintage condition, remarkably there is just one area of approximately 2" where a square has become undone from an adjoining one (which could easily be re-sewn in moments).

The ultimate touch of gorgeous genuine vintage style for your home; warm,& welcoming, cosy & colourful, charming & homely.

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