Large Fabulously Floral 1940s Lampshade

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Let there be light!

Decoratively patterned vinyl lampshades, like this profoundly pretty beauty made their appearance at during the late forties/early fifties, when the new materials of the era were being used in conjunction with natural designs Smothered in roses and large English garden blooms on a soft pink tinged mink background, this lampshade is stunning whether suffused with light or not.

Immensely practical (wipe clean) yet natural because of the floribunda design, these shades offered an alternative to paper and fabric. Few have survived with the vinyl intact like this one.

Size & Condition:

This lampshade has no breakages to the vinyl body, though there are what appear to be age related water-like marks running around the top and bottom edges and along the line of seaming on the side where the vinyl is joined to form a circle. The ric rac braid decoration is probably a later addition, possibly replacing earlier braid edging, suggested by the remnants of a dark glue, particularly along the lower rim. The perfect pretty addition to a bed/side table. Floral heaven year round!

This goregous floral beauty is a good large size, measuring 14" in diameter at its widest and 11.5" at the narrowest, and 8.5" tall.

Truly the return of the romantic!

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