Authentic Double-Sided Pure Wool Welsh Tapestry Blanket

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This is a  sensational Welsh tapestry carthen, in a bold geometric design. Appreciated now for their beautiful colours, this is in wonderful shades of deep rusty orange and earthy brown, Welsh blankets originally had just one function-to keep out the cold. This lovely thick, heavy example, made of 100% pure wool, is exceptionally warm and cosy. These blankets were very expensive, a blanket might cost as much as a third of the annual earnings of a worker and  were something you would buy once in a lifetime, or receive as a wedding present. Consequently they were regarded as very precious.

This large wide blanket with its characteristic geometric pattern, which looks equally good on the reverse, and fringed edging almost certainly dates from circa.1910. Very collectable, it is rare to find one in such excellent condition. There is little sign of wear, suggesting it was probably put away for best and just used occasionally.

Blankets like this are fantastic for hanging on walls, as well as being used. Great draped over the end of a bed, armchair or sofa ready to snuggle under when the weather turns chill, they are very, very cosy. 

Size & Condition:

Made by  the Brynkir Mill,  this wonderful blanket measures approximately 95” by 86” excluding the fringing, 91” with. It is in excellent condition.

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