Bulbous Orange Blossom 'Tussy Mussy'

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Although Tussy Mussy pots were traditionally metal vases, this sensually shaped fluted pot would make the perfect receptacle for small bouquets of flowers rather endearingly named Tussie Mussies by the Victorians. Essentially a simple arrangement of herbs or flowers the well balanced proportions and natural green colouring of this sweet potbellied vase are utterly apt.


This lovely vintage pot, embellished with embossed scrolling and a gilt rim, measures approximately 4” in diameter by 4” tall, and was made by the Ambassador pottery, in Staffordshire (back stamped on the base). It is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks detected.


How apt for savouring the sweetly scented delights of an orange blossom ‘Tussy Mussy’ of your own.

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