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A brief history...

Vintage Country Living is the fruition of a long nourished vintage passion and the happy convergence of a career in design and writing on home style. 

Rooted in the heart of the beautiful  English Georgian town of Stamford, we generalise in gloriously original, authentic and individual vintage home furnishings, sourced across Britain and beyond. Things which are simply appealing, often useful and immensely evocative.

When I was growing up my mother, Bibi, had a shop-a haberdashers. If I close my eyes I can still see the serried rows of gleaming glass counters and deep wood drawers of the little emporium, where I spent my girlhood arranging and re-arranging ribbons and notions and dressing the windows. At the door hung a tinkling bell (now above my garden door), partnered by a smaller bell which chimed its own soft peal whenever the drawer of the small wooden till was opened.

Now as one era ends, and her shop has finally closed for the last time, mine opens, on-line. Showcasing the lovely, quirky and unusual, in an ever changing mecca.

Under Beechwood nestles the Vintage Country Living hoard. Nearby, enveloped by the secret garden, stands The House. But more of that and triskaidekaphobia later.

 Our collectionof vintage home pieces is a mix of the aged and loved, and occasionally just the unashamedly frivolous.

Our quest is the well formed, appealingly attractive and individual. Serendipity and the space available in our rambling house, Copper Bottom (the cottage under beechwood), a clutch of loose boxes, and, even in our VW Camper Arizona, are the final deciding factors! You never know what you might find in our online shop, so do drop by often.

Harjit - Founder


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